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“Awesome take on the wine club concept!”
— @MrHeather
“A genius way to find #wine that suits your palate!”
— @jackietopolRD, New York, NY

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Forbes Wine Club is the only wine club that focuses on you — your tastes, your preferences.

While every other wine club of the month or random California wine club will send you whatever bottles they want to send you, we only send you wines you love. It's simple: You taste wines first and buy second. You start by comparing wines in mini bottles — say, a Pinot Noir versus a Cabernet, or a Chardonnay versus a Sauvignon Blanc. Just tell us which ones you like (and which you don’t), and we hear your personal preferences, loud and clear.

No other wine club offers this sort of service or so high a level of flexibility.

Go ahead and search wine club reviews, and you’ll see that Forbes Wine Club gets the edge over every other wine club out there. Even better, we let you rate the wines in all your shipments, which further refines your taste profile. Just as your taste in movies, books or TV change over time, the same can happen with wine. When and if your tastes change, your shipments change as well. Forbes Wine Club is the only wine club that makes sure you only get the wines you'll love drinking.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. Other wine clubs say you’ll be satisfied. We guarantee it.

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